Fishermen’s Big Bass Fundraiser Tournament

Several times per year.

Fishermen muster in the middle of the lake at 6:30 am.

Entry Fee: $20 per angler.

All proceeds to fund Lake Study for Garner Lake.


Prizes are awarded.




 You must be a Garner Lake community resident or fishing with a Garner Lake resident to participate. All boats must be the property of the resident and display the new 2018 GLM boat sticker.

 No limit on number of anglers per boat. Single or multiple anglers can compete in a kayak, fishing boat, or pontoon, but you cannot exceed the USCG max. capacity for your vessel.

 Each Angler can enter their biggest single bass.

 Fish Measurement – Big bass must be measured in ¼ inch increments on a (bump board style) fish measuring board. Fish measuring beyond a ¼ inch increment, but not quite to the next ¼ inch increment will be reported at the greater length. For example, a bass measuring longer than 19 ¼ inches but shorter than 19 ½ inches will be counted as 19 ½ inches long. Fish measuring boards with ¼ inch increments are available at Academy Sports.

 Fish Photo – Big bass must be photographed on a measuring board, with the mouth closed and touching the end of the bump board with tail pinched. The photo must include the whole fish, with the provided “Tournament Identifier Card” visible for evidence.

 In case of a tie – The biggest bass caught first per the time stamp on the photograph will win.

 Once measured and photographed, bass are to be immediately released back into the lake.

 Bass must be caught using a rod and reel and artificial lures only.


Questions? Contact – Sean Carrick seancarrick6161(at) or John Wilkinson slylox(at)

*About the lake study – a lake study will benefit all Garner Lake stakeholders and will help to determine the overall health of the lake including an analysis of: water quality, aquatic vegetation, gamefish and carp populations.

Special Thanks to Pete Shea at Novatech Multimedia & Security, Primary Tackle, and Victory Lane BBQ!