Party Q Fishing Tournament

Party Q Fishing Tournament benefiting Garner Lake.




Lakeland PartyQ was started by Doug Golden and Perry Ferrell as a fun fundraiser BBQ contest for lake residents. The contests have raised substantial money and purchased such things as a rescue boat.


Fish Fry

Lakeland PartyQ will host a fish fry at 1pm along with the fish cleaning races. $10 per head, kids under 12 and registered fishermen free. Pay here or at the door.


Official Rules

Entry Fee

$25 per person for adults. $15 per person, high school and below.


Next Fishing Tournament date to be announced. If you get caught starting early you will be dis- qualified, boats subject to inspection…NO CHEATING, THIS IS FOR COMMUNITY FUN!!! IF CAUGHT IN ANY CATERGORY YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FOREVER!


  • This tournament is for Garner Lake Subdivisions Residents & their guest only.
  • Fishing allowed only from a boat.
  • Boats must be registered with Garner Lake Association with a current sticker.
  • Two (2) fisherman per boat required.
  • Lake Garner Fishing rules will be followed.
  • All anglers must have a cell phone or tablet to record their catch and weights.
  • The email address linked to your PayPal registration fee will be registered with ScoreTrackerLive.
  • You will receive an email from MLF Scoretracker Live when you are confirmed for the tournament. It will have a link to connect you to the website for recording the weight of your fish and to view the leaderboard.
  • Each angler must be logged in on his own mobile device.
  • Once you have logged in, your boat partner will enter YOUR scores on YOUR mobile device with the required PIN number that has been assigned specifically to your smartphone or tablet.
  • To insure the integrity of fish weight accuracy, you will not know your own PIN number.
  • Your Tournament Organizer will provide each boat partner with the PIN number that has been assigned for their partners mobile device only. You will enter all of your partner’s scores on his mobile device and he will enter all of your scores on your mobile device.
  • Weigh and record all fish caught with your mobile device at web site ScoreTrackerLive.
  • Keep all bass under 12” for the fish fry. We need these out of the lake. Fish cleaning will be provided! Donate fish to the fish fry.
  • Scales must be calibrated in pounds and ounces, not tenths of pounds.


  • Big Bass: This is the largest bass caught. There will 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for this category.
  • Big Bass 50/50 Pool: Pay an extra $5 to enter the 50/50 pool. If your fish is the biggest you win half the pot.
  • Bass most weight per angler:Track you personal catch weight using your mobile phone and the ScoreTrackerLive real time scoring app. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes awarded to individuals.
  • Bass most weight per boat: Your personal weights will be added together for your boat. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes awarded to boats.
  • Stinkiest Bait: (Judges Needed) It’s the bait that stinks the most. In case of tie, it will be a taste test!
  • Worst Fishing Partner: Story told to crowd and best audience reaction wins (exaggerations and down right lying are acceptable).
  • Best Drink: A Lakeland PartyQ Staple! This is your best adult beverage concoction. It will be judged on best drink name and flavor. Turn in at 1:30pm
  • Fish Cleaning Races: This is a bracketed tournament. 2 at a time battle head to head until a winner is determined.
  • 50/50 Pool: This is our 50/50 drawing that is for anyone. You get half the money!!! The other half goes to our cause! This year is Garner Lake Safety & Tim Broughton Memorial Benefitting Advance Memphis.
  • THE GARNER LAKE GRAND ANGLER AWARD: This goes to the angler with not just the biggest fish but also the best tournament showing!!!